TV best bets: Sat., Nov. 12

8 p.m., HALLMARK CHANNEL: Every Christmas Has a Story — After Kate (Lori Loughlin), a TV personality, has an on-air meltdown and accidentally blurts out that she hates Christmas, her bosses ship her off for some image rehab in the most Christmas-y town in America. The gig forces Kate to work with Jack (Colin Ferguson), an old flame who is producing the show. Against all odds, however, the magic of the season inevitably begins to work its charms on Kate. Willie Aames also stars.

8 p.m., LIFETIME: Little Girl‘s Secret — Halloween may be over, but this new chiller keeps the supernatural thrills coming with its story of a blended family that moves into a converted church (rarely a good idea) out in the countryside. It‘s not long before teenage Molly discovers that her troubled stepsister has drifted into a dangerous relationship with the restless spirit of a young girl. Maria Bello, Callum Keith Rennie and Sophie Nelisse star.

10 p.m., ANIMAL PLANET: Project Grizzly — After more than 20 years of working with wild animals, bear trainer Jeff Watson undertakes one of the biggest challenges of his career — preparing Bob and Screech, his beloved two 700-pound grizzly bears, to be returned to the wild. He saved the pair when they were just 6-week-old cubs and they‘ve grown up with him, but now Jeff has to undo everything the animals have learned in captivity to teach them how to survive in the wild. This six-part series follows him in that quest.

10 p.m., CINEMAX: The Other Side of the Door — A grief-stricken young mother (Sarah Wayne Callies, “The Walking Dead”) who is tortured by guilt for her role in her young son‘s death during a car wreck unwisely visits a temple in India where she has been told her dead child may speak to her. While there, she opens an ancient door that releases the restless spirit of her late son, thereby upsetting the balance between life and death in this 2016 British-Indian thriller. Jeremy Sisto and Javier Botet also star.

10 p.m., HBO: All Def Comedy — Russell Simmons, whose series “Def Comedy Jam” was an HBO mainstay in the mid-1990s, returns to the premium channel as producer of this special, which was taped in front of a live audience at the Avalon Theatre in Los Angeles earlier this fall. Hosted by Tony Rock, with DJ Drama, the program features such rising comedy stars as Chris Powell, Zainab Johnson, Kevin Tate and Robert Powell, along with “Def Comedy Jam” veteran Tony Roberts.