Murff‘s mixes ‘magic‘ with burgers

Murff‘s number one seller is the cheeseburger.(Photo: Submitted)

Off the beaten path, adjacent to the bustling thoroughfares of Franklin Pike and Maryland Way, Woods Murphy decided to open Murff’s Craft Brews and Burgers to honor his late father, Wayne F. Murphy.

Building off his success at Corner Pub in The Woods in Bellevue and Corner Pub in Brentwood, Murphy incorporates his father’s (secret) homemade seasoning, Murff’s Majic Mix, into most of the menu items, giving dishes their signature flavor.

The décor honors the life of his father as well.

“My father was/is a Marine and fought in the Korean War, and later in life was a cartoonist for the Tennessean,” Murphy said. “Murff‘s In Brentwood is decorated with a lot of his artwork and drawings he did for the paper. Behind the bar are some of the medals he received for fighting in the war.”

Murphy partnered with Jeff Rippy and Brandon Parkhurst and opened the doors in 2015 with a focus simple bar food and local craft beers.

Redneck Calamari ($8), a combination of deep-fried, farm-raised bacon and jalapenos, Bills Dills ($7) fried pickle chips, and Fresh Fried Funghi ($7) are perfect for passing around before the midday meal. Or try the homemade Boom Boom Buffalo Chips ($7), covered with blue cheese crumbles, buffalo sauce and served with a side of ranch, or the Border Buster Chips ($7), homemade chips covered with queso, pico and guacamole.

There are plenty of salads on the menu, from the classic Chicken Caesar Salad ($9) with grilled or fried chicken, to the Grilled Ribeye Salad ($11) that is hand-cut and grilled to your liking, or the hearty Three Meat Salad ($9) piled with ham, turkey and bacon, shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, egg and homemade croutons.

Sliders are a lunchtime favorite and come with a generous side of homemade chips. Choose from Baby Burgers ($9), seasoned with Murff’s Magic Seasoning and topped with grilled onions, mustard, pickles and American cheese; Old Hickory BBQ Sliders ($9); Shaved Prime Rib ($9) with Provolone cheese and chipotle mayo; Buffalo Chicken ($9) grilled or fried; or Little Gobblers ($9) with grilled turkey, thousand island, pickles and a side of ranch dressing.

Baskets ($9-$11) satisfy the craving for deep-fried meat and fries, with offerings from land and sea, plus flavorful sauces for dipping on the side.

Nearly two-dozen sandwiches and wraps mean there truly is something to keep everyone at the table happy. Hearty fare like the Franklin French Dip ($9), Nash-Philly Steak ($9), Brentwood’s Best BLT ($8) and the Old MacDonald ($10), a grilled chicken sandwich with melted American cheese on a toasted bun topped with bacon, a fried egg, lettuce, tomato and mayo, are sure to sustain you until the dinner hour. Lighter options include the Southwest Chicken Wrap ($9) filled with grilled chicken, iceberg lettuce, guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream, and chipotle mayo, Grilled Chicken Sandwich ($10) and the Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap ($9).

The ribeye steak salad is cooked to order. (Photo: Submitted)

“Our number one seller is our cheeseburgers,” Murphy said. “We hand grind ribeye and chuck steak then season with dad’s Murff‘s Majic Mix to make the patties.”

Murff’s has devised a masterful, five-step process for creating the perfect burger.

First, choose your hunger level, by ordering a single patty ($8), double ($10), triple ($12) or Buddy’s Home Run ($14). Then, pick your bun – fresh bread is brought in daily and choices are: white, French bread, onion, jalapeno and cheddar, or sourdough. Next, choose your meat: ground steak, chicken or turkey. Select a cheese; add your favorite free toppings; plus any extras (50 cents each), such as onion rings, bacon, guacamole, BBQ Pork, fried egg, slaw, chili or extra cheese to complete the order.

“We have just opened Murff‘s BBQ Shack In Bellevue, featuring family style take out with ribs, pulled pork, brisket, and smoked chicken,” adds Murphy. “We plan on adding a full BBQ menu to accompany the burgers at the Murff‘s in Brentwood in the near future.”

Murff’s Craft Brews & Burgers

5015 Harpeth Drive
Brentwood, TN 37027

Hours: Monday – Sunday 11:00 am – 12:00 am


Murff's Craft Brews & Burgers opened in 2015 in the former Phillip's Delicatessen location. (Photo: Submitted)

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