Jaguar surprises Penn. zoo staff with new twins

NORRISTOWN, Pa. — The Elmwood Park Zoo in Pennsylvania announced that their female jaguar, Inka, has given birth to two cubs, . 

Zoo officials say the unexpected birth happened in the early morning hours of January 24.

They say the cubs look great and Inka is a very attentive mother, so attentive in fact, that it took nearly a week before the staff was able to separate her and the cubs to examine them.

The zoo says its male jaguar, Zean, is the father. Inka and Zean were directly introduced in October. Previously, they could only see each other through the fencing that separates their exhibit spaces.

Elmwood Park Zoo jaguar Inka and her cubs.

CBS Philadelphia

Officials say the first day they were introduced was October 12, and they began to show signs of aggression toward each other on Oct. 14, which also coincided with the end of Inka’s cycle, so they were separated again.

The chances for a successful conception were slim, which is why the zoo says the birth came as a surprise.

Inka and the cubs will be off exhibit and out of sight for the next few months. They will be transferred into the new “Trail of the Jaguar” facility when the animal care staff determines that they are ready.

The zoo will hold a gender reveal event for guests at the zoo and for viewers online on Friday, Feb. 3 at 12:00 p.m.

Guests paying regular zoo admission will be able to join zoo staff as they make the announcement of the cubs’ genders. Those unable to attend will be able to view the “Facebook Live” video stream .

The cubs will not be present at the event.