“Gilmore Girls” ice cream from Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn

* An ice cream flavor in honor of ‘Gilmore Girls’

If you’re eagerly awaiting the day after Thanksgiving for the “Gilmore Girls” reboot, we hear you. Whether you plan on a watch party for one or a full-out themed soiree, a scoop of Brooklyn-based Ample Hills Creamery’s “Gilmore Girls”-themed flavor should make the Netflix revival even sweeter. “They Scoop Gilmores, Don’t They?” is a coffee and chocolate pudding flavor with pink Pop Tart sprinkles on top. Order the pints or grab a four-pack called “Where You Lead, I Will Marshmallow” – it includes two pints of the new flavor, a marshmallow pint and a pint of coffee-based flavor with pumpkin and pieces of butter cake. Available at any of the NYC scoop shops or at amplehills. $36 for special four-pack, $45 for five pints in the flavors of your choice.